EOE Electric

Electrical Contractor

About EOE Electric

EOE Electric is a service based electrical construction company headquartered in North Charleston, SC. We service commercial and industrial clients throughout the Southeastern United States.

The “EOE” in “EOE Electric” stands for “Earl’s Odds and Ends.” Earl Matthews is part owner of EOE Electric along with Dean Bennett. Dean and Earl have been great friends for over 25 years and have worked together building EOE for the last 11 years. They share over 60 years of field experience in electrical installation and wiring.

Dean Bennett was born in Charleston and grew up on James Island. He graduated from a 4- year International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Apprenticeship program before embarking on his career as an electrician. His work history includes supervising a 5-milliondollar Charleston Naval Shipyard pier renovation project with over 20 personnel in 1984 at the age of 23. He was also the superintendent of the High Voltage Lead Cable Splicing Division at the Charleston Navy Base. Dean is very proud of his 10 years as supervisor of electrical maintenance and construction in all South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) facilities in the Southern Division, and to have worked as a supervisor at Meeks Electric, M&M Electric, Metro Electric, and Thompson Industrial. He lives in Summerville with his wife Marie.

Earl Matthews has lived in Charleston most of his life. He has been doing electrical work for over 40 years and has been a small business owner for 30+ years. Earl has wired over 150 homes in the Charleston area in his career and is the high-end residential expert for EOE Electric. One of his favorite projects was rewiring one of the colorful, iconic buildings on Rainbow Row in Charleston. Earl also served as a radio communications operator for the St. Andrews Fire Department for 38 years, earning the rank of Captain.